Alex Harvell gets to tell his story about becoming a positive and spiritual individual, who has branded himself around his lifestyle

majestic vibes is really just a reflection of my life and style! I was pretty much raised by my grandparents so When I was coming up, they had a lot of records that inspired me & the idea majestic.

I was blessed to be around different music such as Motown soul, funk, rock, and blues!

It was amazing to see the different colors & style of clothing that each Artist would wear along with hearing the sounds they were composing as well! Artist like Jimi Hendrix and Bands like funkadelic both really helped me expand my mind and influence the ideas behind the Shop as well.

Another thing that inspired the shop was skateboarding & seeing how skaters were starting they’re own brands and living a different lifestyle then the “Normal Path” taken.

So by the time I was in high school, I was already integrated into the lifestyle I wanted and ended up leaving school & starting the process of a Entrepreneur & Voodoo child as Jimi would say.

More recently he has been seeing some great success with his recent pop up events. These events occurred throughout June, July and September at different locations including the waterfront as well as parks. The latest event happened October 23, 2021 which was a another great day at the waterfront. The team has just been featured with a full page on the Freebyrunning @fbr.fxbg website which shares our most recent pictures, updates, & collaboration with FBR as well. This season Majestic Vibes is working on a fall line of long sleeves and beanies. The online store is now accessible The aim for the rest of the year is to be prepared for opportunities and get designs together in advance for our next release of Majestic Merch as well as solidifying new business connections for continual growth.

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