PowerPusha.. Born Azim Wazir, was born and raised in a two parent household in the inner city of Philadelphia PA. With two loving Muslim parents and five older sisters, PowerPusha was loved and taught to earn exceptionally, and to protect with a passion. Yet on the other side of his comfortable abodes door is where dark temptations resided. Powerpusha fell a victim, indulging in the pleasure of the underworld , while striving to achieve a high level of illegitimate success. PowerPusha soon found himself on top of a federal indictment with an extensive list of charges list of charges, including C.C.E (CONTINUING A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE) which holds a maximum punishment of life in prison. PowerPusha laced up his boots and took the feds all the way. Eventually losing trial, and being found guilty of the remaining counts of his indictment. PowerPusha was sentenced to 147 months in federal prison, he was also a father now. Powerpusha finally decided that enough was enough. No more would he waste his life by chasing destruction. He begin writing inspirational songs and also wrote a novel , which actually became a best seller in hopes that he may strike a core in the youth and inspire them to change direction. Referring to his work as “Veggies in candy wrapper” PowerPusha uses his writing to shed light on the life that claims to many lives. He reached out to his favorite rapper, JADAKISS, and the rest is history. JADAKISS ended up hosting POWERPUSHAS’ entire debut album. His album ‘ FOREVER’ received 6 stars and is currently streaming on every major digital platform worldwide. POWERPUSHA has taken the stairs towards his success and continues ascend. What’s next for the independent artist/author with the number 1 album in the world ?

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