Aleksanteri Kivimaki demonstrates that there are no limits when you are passionate about something.

Aleksanteri Kivimaki is a well-known philanthropist and entrepreneur. He founded and runs AK Capital LLP, a privately owned due diligence-based investing partnership. Aleksanteri, a self-starter, has been imbued with desire and work principles since he was a child. In 1997, he was born in Helsinki, Finland, to his father, the founder of the famous construction firm YIT Corporation, which has been constructing high-quality structures for almost 40 years. Not to mention his mother, who is from a business family and has been a business consultant for almost 20 years.

Aleksanteri spent his summers at Savonlinna on his grandfather’s farm. That is where he learned and appreciated the work that each person puts in to attain the desired outcome. He was often in charge of chaperoning youngsters of different ages as they played games or went swimming on the farm. He was exposed to nature’s beauty, animal care, and was able to develop leadership abilities at an early age. With those experiences in mind, he not only could know the intricacies of operating a successful company, but he was also able to acquire hands-on experience dealing with numerous jobs and managing various personalities.

When CEO Aleksanteri Kivimaki was 12 years old, he became interested in business after reading an article about his loving father and himself in a Finnish business journal. The aspiring leader is attending YIT Corporation management meetings and presenting to investors, says the magazine. Aleksanteri felt more confident and victorious in his skills as a result of the article, and he realized how much more he loved operating a company.

Three years later, at the age of 15, he established his own business, which he still serves as Chairman of today. Aleksanteri was actively engaged in several entrepreneurial initiatives, including UNICEF’s Children’s Business Award. The initiative gave prospective entrepreneurs a chance to start new companies while also donating earnings to children’s organizations. He was lucky to have the opportunity to travel and learn new languages, both of which he loved, allowing him to adapt to various cultures and communicate with a wide variety of individuals.

Aleksanteri Kivimaki now lives in Dubai and runs his business, AK Capital LLP, where he takes investing positions based on private research. At the start of the 2020 fiscal year, AK Capital LLP took a 50 million euro short position on Wirecard AG, the notorious German Fintech firm. Wirecard AG earned about 49 million euros in earnings before going bankrupt in June 2020.

Aleksanteri planned, refocused, and redoubled his efforts to develop his new fund, which he intends to debut in January 2022. His new fund, Aleksanteri Kivimaki Properties LLP, would invest in Romanian commercial real estate. He is certain that the fast-expanding eastern European nation provides the most attractive real estate investment possibilities in the globe. He intends to invest 50 million EUR in this market and expects a ROL (return on life) of more than 600% over the next decade. When you have a passion for something, there are no limits, as Aleksanteri Kivimaki demonstrates.

Location: Dubai

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