M.A.R Brings the Energy Drops A New Single “Azul Shots” Links up With Producer Ditty Broker For the BiG ViBe The Drums are Hitting Hard & It’s Has That unique Bounce To it & The Piano Brings The Melodic Feel To Life With a lyrical display Of Bars At its best Lets Have A Toast & Let It Be A shot of the finest Tequila “CLASE AZUL”Lets pay Homage to our Hip hop Legends Nipsey Hussle, BIG PUN, BIGGIE, & TUPAC Dream Big & never Give Uppp 

M.A.R a.k.a ‘Mr. Lightuppp’ has been in and around music all his life. His mother is a stylist, and as a child he was on sets with Ice Tea, Aretha Franklin, Dennis Miller, NWA and more. M.A.R interned at Def Jam under Richard Ford a.k.a. “Skane Dolla” in the A&R department and also with Margo Wayne Wright and Mildred Delmota & Jasmin Marquez in the video production department also interned. In addition, he went on the road with TI and Lupe Fiasco in 2010. M.A.R began showcasing his talent and won the Roc Nation showcase in Bklyn. Shortly after, he participated in a tournament hosted by 50 Mics, Def Jam, XXL, and The Source. He was crowned the CT 50 Mics Champion. Known as Mr. Lightuppp for blazing the stage. Hot 93.7 FM crowned him as the next one up to make noise out of Connecticut.

Known in CT as the Hook Master, he has features with J.R Writer, formerly of Dipset called “Grinding”, which received over 131,000 views on YouTube. M.A.R recently released “Martin Luther Blvd” (MLB) in June 2018, the song received rave reviews from “Big Heff” and Bob Celestin, to name a few. The video for MLB was picked up by Music Choice and BET Jams.

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