Kyle Gaven better known by his artist name Kemini is an on the rise recording artist from Boston, Massachusetts. His record company is called MINIMafia. Outside of running his brand he focuses on keeping his music and style purely unique. Hence his name. His name sounds like the horoscope Gemini, but it is Kemini. Which left his viewers questioning the name. The Gemini is indeed Kyles sign, but his name signifies a new zodiac around and based on his own personal horoscope. His style is eclectic and his sounds include those of futuristic vibes and a sound that is completely his own.

His most recent project released was an album titled “Vendetta”. This album is now available on all major streaming platforms. Kemini is a fun artist who stays truly authentic and true to his character. He works hard and continues each day to expand his brand as well as his social network. Kemini is an artist you do not want to sleep on. His realness is refreshing and is a treat for all to enjoy. Make sure you check out his latest album and stay tuned for all of his future releases.

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