Dwayne Johnson Jr. better known by his stage name Trap Drumma is an on the rise Producer from Atlanta, GA. Trap Drumma has been a musician since a very young age. He started as a drummer. Being talented at a young age helped pave the way for him today. The drums have always played a major role in musical career. His father actually was his influence since he was a drummer as well. Although Trap Drumma started with the drums he did not stop there. Soon he was perfecting percussions and learning the piano as well. When he was 16 years old he had a mentor who taught him all about the ins and outs of Audio Engineering and Audio Production.

After learning and mastering Audio he started to learn about the music business as a whole. He taught himself how to go from a beat maker to a producer and has never stopped progressing. Currently he has produced a song for artist Tre Castle and the song is titled “Don’t Bother Me“. This song is now on all major platforms. Trap Drumma is humble and lets his content speak for itself. This year he plans to keep connecting with new like minded individuals and making dope music while learning more about the industry.

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