Nu Zenii is an on the rise musical artist from New York who promotes positivity through all he does. His musical influences have came from some pioneers of Hip Hop, such as Mac Miller, X, Juice Wrld and Pop Smoke. They all passed before their times, but changed the music industry while they were here. In July 2020 Nu Zenii made the decision to only create music that was against drug promotion and gun violence. He states “If Rakim does not need to curse, why do I?” Wise words from such a young talent. Recently he has released 2 E.Ps “vZ Starter Kit I and II“. He also ghost writes for a few artists and makes money doing what he loves. During his career he has performed at the Barclay’s Center, the GA World Congress Center, Coast2CoastLive and many more.

Nu Zenii is positive and groundbreaking YET! disruptive. He grinds as hard as possible to achieve all of his goals. This year in December he plans to release an album called “Corsair” the album has high energy and will be a treat for his fans. He also has 2 smaller projects releasing next June. In the meantime check out his latest projects that are out on all platforms. His latest E.Ps are amazing and delivery an amazing sound that all listeners will enjoy.

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