Kedrick Jefferson better known as EPYK Sounds is an on the rise musical talent from Houston, Texas. He is an amazing creator who looks to inspire people through his journey. He grew up an outstanding athlete who enjoyed playing Football and Basketball. Unfortunately his mother passed when he was on 15. This lead to him moving to Fort Worth, Texas ..where he had to stay with some other family members. While living in Fort Worth he was still participating in sports, but started to really focus on music. He started a group with his close friend called “The Evidence”. Soon that ended. In 2019 EPYK Sounds moved to San Diego, California and has not looked back ! His mother was always a key musical influence on him. After her passing he found comfortability in expressing his emotions through music rather than sports.

Although he had a rough past his future looks very bright. He has been creating nonstop. Recently his new single “Pass That” has just released on all platforms. This song is a smooth vibe that sends you into a trance with the artist. The beat is amazing and compliments EPYK Sounds completely. His lyrical delivery is unmatched. His delivery is smooth yet gritty and lyrical. Anyone who listens to his content will add all of his content to their playlist. Make sure you check out all of his latest releases and stay tuned for his new work.

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