Charles Hall Jr, better known as Ja’Pan Nation is a purely refreshing artist with an amazing sound. He is the definition of versatility as his music embodies his musical diversity and expressiveness. Ja’Pan Nation represents adversity and a revamping of your average perception of rhythm and movements with each technique. He has devoted 25 years of his life to his craft. Coming from the lone star state of Texas he has always dreamed big and knew success was a major priority.

Recently he had the opportunity to perform in Brooklyn, New York at a venue called “Starr Barr”. He performed one of his most popular tracks titled “Cakes & Candles“. The crowd loved his aura and his stage presence. He was definitely born to be a performer. He has also performed at The Black Expo in Sacramento as well as performed at Webster Hall in New York City. Ja’Pan Nation has been heard on ATL radio stations and has also been featured on Daily Motions which is a major publication. This year is all about growth for his brand and formulating new awareness for all of his content.

 Ja’Pan is a hardworking creative, he is a role model and is creating a name for himself that is soon to be known by all. Keeping God close is important to him as this industry can cause depression at times. Focusing on his mental and spiritual strength keeps him grounded and ready to tackle all obstacles set before him. Make sure you check out his 2 smash singles “Cake & Candles” and “Fluid” which are currently breaking the internet!

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