Versari James is an on the rise recording artist from Adelaide, Australia. Growing up for him was no easy task as he experienced a ton of violence at an early stage in his life. He bottled up his emotions, but learned to express it through creating music. In the recent year Versari had decided to pursue music more seriously. Currently he is focused on revamping his brand and image after beating aggravated assault charges in early May of this year. Now he’s eager to release his album.

Versari has teamed up with Australian rap producer nebs to finalize his album before the big release. He states “I think it covers a broader genre then just your Australian Hip Hop. The album is almost complete ! He has been working very hard juggling his full time job, his daughter and music. Accomplishing goals each day is the mission. He has learned that investing more of his time and money into what he loves is his recipe for success. Hard work and consistency pays off. Versari has realized that haters become your biggest fans at the end of the day and never take advice only listen to your own voice. Make sure you check out his content and stay tuned for his latest album set to drop very soon in the near future.

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