Brian DeJesus better known as Audentia is an on the rise recording artist from Houston, Texas. Audentia has always been interested in the process of creating music, but his passion really dawned on him while in middle school. He was introduced to some major Hip Hop pioneers such as Eminem, 50 Cent and Jay-Z. Since then he was hooked on Hip Hop. Audentia started to jot down any rhymes that came to his head. He also started to study other artists which helped him to distinguish his own sound.

His passion for creating goes way beyond just making great music. He wants his music to really express who he is to his fans and tell them his life experiences within his lyrics. Currently Audentia is working on an EP. This project has a lot of collaborative tracks with amazing producers from all over. Keeping his progression consistent is key for his success and key for him growing his listeners as well.

He states “So far on this Journey to Success is everything has its timing, and it is a marathon, not a race. Everyone moves at a different speed and don’t let anything else affect what you got going on, just keep pushing through even when the going gets rough.” These are very wise words from a young artist. Make sure you show your support and check out his recent releases and stay tuned for his new EP.

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