Just in time for the festive season, LUMI is set to captivate musical enthusiasts by offering a remarkable 20% discount off its all-in-one piano learning platform. This special Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal kicks off at 4PM GMT on Thursday, November 16th, providing an ideal opportunity for beginners and experienced pianists to immerse themselves or share the joy of learning music with a loved one.

LUMI, renowned for its innovative approach to music education, combines technology and fun to revolutionize learning piano. The all-in-one and interactive platform features light-guided keys and an app with over 1,000 musical adventures, including lessons, contemporary and classic songs, and inspiring games like the Springboard and Superluminal to make learning fun for any user. 

Not just for individuals, LUMI’s versatility makes it a musical hub for the whole family. Its Family Membership facilitates communal learning through multiple user profiles, ensuring a collective and enriching musical journey for everyone.

Learners can play the songs they love with LUMI’s extensive library — ranging from Beethoven to Billie Eilish — appealing to varied musical tastes and ages. The platform’s regularly updated content keeps the learning experience fresh and exciting, promising new discoveries at every turn.

LUMI’s curriculum, crafted by industry experts, caters to all skill levels, fortifying musical understanding and piano skills across a diverse range of learners. The holistic educational experience not only fosters musical talent but also promotes cognitive and emotional development, making screen time productive and stimulating.

This exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotion is a golden opportunity for journalists covering holiday deals to highlight an offer that combines technology, education, and entertainment, all while making the gift of music more accessible this holiday season.

For additional information on this limited-time offer and more on LUMI’s revolutionary approach to music education, please visit www.playlumi.com 

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