The expressive, prolific hip-hop collective- or better yet, supergroup- Hidden Renaissance is continuing their run with their latest offering, BA SING SE. This album follows up their previous full-length offering, the soulful, textural instrumental project BARBAROIS with a collection of songs that feels definitive, effectively taking them to another echelon in the progress. Formed online by a large group of like-minded rappers and producers helmed by hip-hop duo T H R O N E, Hidden Renaissance further show that they are a force to be reckoned with on their new record BA SING SE.

BA SING SE is just simply able to pack in so many bright and interesting moments. From the refined keys and rich bass of “Electric Church”, equipped with refreshing rap verses, to the soulful, warm “1996 (In the Heart, In the Mind)”, the album starts out on a strong foot. The immersive, organic production and sharp, vivid flows of “INVULNERABILITY POTION” recall elements of late 90’s Rawkus, mixed in with a sprinkling of Danny Brown. The lush, lo-fi sound of “Heaven’s Resources II” makes for a gorgeous listen, with a memorable set of verses that add energy and depth to the song.

With its community-first, open approach to creation, Hidden Renaissance transcends the bounds of a record label or company. It is, instead, a revolutionary community that makes and releases music together as a shared creative experience. Their latest offering BA SING SE marks their largest collaboration ever, with over 200 artists competing to appear on it, crafting more than 300 songs in a 2 month period in the process. The final result is a curated, multi-genre ode and homage to the raw skill and diversity of the underground. A potent, expressive album filled with dynamics and raw sonics and lyricism, BA SING SE is sure to become one of our new favorites from this year. Give the album a listen below.

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