Being an entrepreneur is about becoming the master of your own destiny. While often romanticized, the initiated expect long stretches of mandatory overtime and no accrued vacation time. Wading neck deep into uncharted waters, embracing risks, and steering your own ship eventually becomes a corner office and meetings on the greens – hopefully.

Dr. Krissy Jones has taken the entrepreneurial spirit to epic proportions. A remarkable journey marked by mounting achievements and a relentless pursuit for achievement, has been underscored by a deep obligation to giving and a growing number of philanthropic endeavors. From Forex traders to the unhoused, Dr. Jones is a resource for personal development. 

7 Tips to Unlock Entrepreneurial Potential

Dr. Krissy Jones is a well-respected business mentor in Los Angeles County and beyond. For those who may not have access to her tireless entrepreneurial excellence and enthusiasm, here are 7 Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

1.    Educate Yourself: Investing in education is a low risk, with the rewards being irrevocable. A solid knowledge base, whether through formal education or self-study, is a basic requirement. Dr. Jones’s highlight reel includes:

  • A Diploma in Health and Social Care – where she delved into policy, theory, and practice. 
  • An NVQ Level 4 Management qualification – demonstrating her commitment to effective leadership. 
  • A Postgraduate Degree in Education – promoting higher education by teaching and mentoring the stars of tomorrow.
  •  A Doctorate Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Strategy & Innovation – displays her ongoing dedication to academic excellence, while amassing new tools for greater entrepreneurial success.

2.    Leadership and Management Skills: Developing effective leadership skills can be aided by textbooks and degrees but actively taking on leadership roles cannot be underestimated. Dr. Jones’s diverse entrepreneurial portfolio reflects her keen sense of business acumen and effective leadership skills. Enterprises include: 

  • The Forex Library, a renowned forex news and education platform. 
  •  A regulated forex broker with a global presence, serving both retail and commercial clients. 
  • A fully licensed cryptocurrency exchange, enabling users to trade over 500 cryptocurrencies. 
  • A regulated FX quick options/HFX broker, offering retail clients a dynamic trading experience. 
  •  A proprietary trading firm, allowing retail traders access to funded accounts of up to $1 million. 
  •  A retail company, selling Italian, British, and French influenced luxury furniture. 

3.     Financial Literacy: Acquiring a deeper understanding of the financial industry can better support informed and strategic decisions. Understanding financial concepts, especially emerging financial markets, is vital for agile decision-making. Dr. Jones’s acquired knowledge is displayed in practice, including:

  • A comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in investment strategies
  • A self-guided trader, engaged in both fundamental and technical analysis. 
  • Holds regulatory approval as a forex broker with a MSB (Money Service Business) License for operations in the US and Canada.
  • An experienced forex trader that authors FX articles for The Forex Library
  • Invests in Contract for Difference (CFD) trading of various instruments.
  •  An expertise that spans commodities, crypto, indices, forex and equities

4.    Diverse Ventures: Diversifying your portfolio is a cliché at this point. However, most clichés have endured by having a kernel of truth – that is the case here. Diversifying your business ventures spreads risk and can offer multiple income streams, as evidenced by Dr. Jones’s diverse portfolio of entrepreneurial ventures that include:

  • Operates as a forex broker, while creating The Forex Library.
  • Established a regulated FX quick options/HFX broker.
  • Founded a fully licensed cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Founder of a proprietary trading firm.
  • Launched a successful luxury furniture retail business.
  • Started a charitable organization, Trilogy Trust Foundation

5.    Recognition and Awards: Awards and recognition should not validate success but can serve as motivation for continued growth. One should always strive for excellence in their field. Dr. Jones’s remarkable achievements have earned her well-deserved recognition on several prestigious platforms, including: 

  • Ernst & Young (Entrepreneur of the Year award) 
  • Great British Entrepreneur Awards (Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year)
  • Great British Entrepreneur Awards (Most Captivating Entrepreneur of the Year) 
  • Best Companies (One of the top places to work in the UK) 
  • USA Today (Top entrepreneurs to watch) 

6.    Embrace Risk: Entrepreneurship inherently involves risk. Risk has been associated with innovation and growth, increased profits, and improved decision-making. Dr. Jones’s willingness to embrace risk has allowed her to achieve all of these fruits. Some of the standout moments include:

  • Secured a £2,000 loan to launch a training company, ultimately achieving an impressive £11 million in revenue within just two years.
  • Generated $60,000 in seed money, by selling her car, to launch and grow a retail business to $9 million in earnings the first year.
  • Operates six companies and a charitable organization simultaneously.
  • Trades assets in multiple markets with varying levels of risk and leverage.

7.     Persistence: Persistence is one of the most important qualities for an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is challenging and giving up too soon can mean the difference between financial ruin and generational wealth. Dr. Jones’s determination to succeed is demonstrated beyond the boardroom, with some examples being:

  • Less than 2% of Americans hold a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration
  • After facing down the imminent threat of homelessness, emerges to establish a charity dedicated to preventing homelessness.
  • Adopts low-income families to provide food, grants and gifts during the holiday season.
  •  Serving as the CEO of six business startups, volunteering for four nonprofits, raising three children, managing a charity, while being a wife and author.

Boundless Possibilities

At its core, entrepreneurship means taking on the challenge of running a business, often with significant personal risk. Dr. Krissy Jones doesn’t just embrace this challenge; she thrives in it. Her ability to navigate the risky waters of entrepreneurship showcases how dedication, knowledge, and strategic thinking can lead to remarkable achievements in the business world.

Dr. Jones’s multifaceted achievements have established her as a notable figure in business and philanthropic circles worldwide. The story of Dr. Krissy Jones is just beginning, yet already serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities of entrepreneurship.For information about Dr. Krissy Jones and her projects, please visit her website

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