The New York publishing house Manhattan Book Group has generated quite a buzz as a hybrid publisher. But are they truly as reputable as their publicity suggests? In today’s crowded self-publishing landscape, writers must vet any potential publisher thoroughly. This assessment will delve into Manhattan Book Group’s offerings, practices, and, most critically, their standing.

About Manhattan Book Group

Manhattan Book Group was started by a writer named J.J. Hebert. He wrote books that many people bought. Manhattan Book Group is located in New York City.

They help writers publish their books. They give writers help with publishing, like editing and book covers. But writers still own their books and ideas. This is different from some traditional publishers.

With Manhattan Book Group, writers can get help but still have control over their books. This is good for writers who want help but also want to make their own choices.

Services Provided

Manhattan Book Group helps writers a lot. They help writers with everything they need to make a book.

First, they help writers edit their stories. Editing makes the stories better. Their editors are good at editing. The editors work closely with the writers. They make the stories shine but keep the writer’s voice.

Next, Manhattan Book Group makes the book cover. The cover is critical. It helps people want to pick up the book and read it. Manhattan Book Group makes covers that are eye-catching and match the story.

After the story and covers are all ready, Manhattan Book Group helps the writers market the books. Marketing is telling people your book exists so they want to read it. Manhattan Book Group is clever at marketing. They know how to get the books to the right people.

They can target big-name people who can talk about the book. They can help writers get reviews of the book. Reviews make more people excited to read it. They use all the newest online marketing tricks. All this marketing helps the writers spread the word so more people will find their book.

Manhattan Book Group guides the writers through all these steps – editing, covers, and marketing. Their help ensures writers have a beautiful book that finds many happy readers.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Manhattan Book Group currently holds an impressive 4.9 out of 5-star rating across platforms like Google and Facebook. Here’s a sample of the positive reviews:

  • “My editor was exceptional. She improved my manuscript technically, understood my vision, and helped bring the story to life.”
  • “My book cover design exceeded my expectations. It was brilliantly tailored to my memoir’s tone and theme.”
  • “The marketing campaign for my children’s book was a huge success. Manhattan Book Group got my book from the biggest kids media outlets.”

The company has also earned endorsements from significant media outlets. The Los Angeles Tribune rates them as the top indie publisher in NYC.


Based on their stellar reviews and satisfied author testimonials, Manhattan Book Group has demonstrated a strong commitment to helping authors navigate the publishing process successfully. Their tailored services, publishing expertise, and seasoned staff have earned them a trustworthy reputation in the hybrid publishing realm.

Manhattan Book Group stands out as a smart choice for authors seeking professional guidance and creative control. They have proven themselves as a publisher who truly cares about an author’s long-term success.

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