In a recent interview, music artist Har.Picasso opens up about his journey and inspiration in the world of music. He reveals that his fascination with music stems from his laid-back demeanor, explaining that he often gets lost in his thoughts and finds solace in the art of putting lyrics together.

While he never initially considered making music professionally, Har.Picasso recalls a quote that made him realize his true talent and purpose. The quote emphasized paying attention to what one naturally gravitates towards when alone, and for Har.Picasso, writing and art have always been an integral part of his life.

When describing his sound and style, Har.Picasso describes it as a very unique raw form of hip hop. He intentionally focuses on lyrics, which he believes is a lost art, and matches his lyricism with soulful and, at times, dark and gritty instrumentals. His aim is to resonate with those who appreciate and respect the art behind hip hop.

Dealing with performance anxiety is a constant struggle for Har.Picasso, but his competitive nature and high standards push him to give his all in every performance. He emphasizes the rewarding feeling that comes from rising to the challenge and delivering a memorable performance.

In terms of his creative process, Har.Picasso’s racing mind means that he rarely focuses on one song at a time. Instead, he writes multiple songs simultaneously, jumping from instrumental to instrumental. He listens to the instrumentals repeatedly, envisioning the project as a whole before adding bits and pieces to each song until they are complete.

Har.Picasso is currently promoting his new track called “ATLAS” from his upcoming project. The song is available on all platforms, with a visual accompaniment set to release in the coming weeks. Additionally, he has a project titled “Nightmares & Matinees” scheduled for release on October 27th. This project delves into his dark thoughts, emotions, and demons that he seldom speaks about, yet still offers hope for those who may be in a similar emotional space.

Har.Picasso’s interview sheds light on his personal journey as a music artist. His love for music, dedication towards delivering memorable performances, and unique approach to hip hop make him a compelling and promising artist to watch out for in the industry.

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