Meet Ron Adkins, a creative director & producer from Queens, New York, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. 

Adkins is the founder of Paradise Valley Studios, a marketing and multimedia agency with a focus on creating modern brands, websites, and online stores.  

“My partners and I started this full-service media and content studio in 2020 with one mission in mind: to empower talented individuals and fill the gap where their true potential could shine,” Adkins said. 

Since its inception, Paradise Valley Studios has expanded to include TV, film, podcasts, and branded content. 

Paradise Valley Studios is all about telling interesting, unique stories that often go untold, especially those from underrepresented artists. 

“We believe in amplifying and celebrating the stories and experiences of underrepresented communities across all industries,” Adkins said. “By amplifying these voices, we aim to inspire, educate, and bridge the gaps that exist within the entertainment industry.”

As a child, Adkins channeled his creativity into making music videos for class projects while continuing to pursue his love for designing sneakers in his spare time.

“During that period, my mother happened to work at New Line Cinema as an executive assistant,” Adkins said. “I was fortunate enough to be around when they were working on some iconic films like Friday, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Jason.” 

Being in that environment exposed him to the world of production, and he was captivated by it.

When he got to college, he secured an internship with 50 Cent, right after the release of Get Rich or Die Trying

Adkins became 50 Cent’s personal videographer, and through that experience, he got to learn the ins and outs of the entertainment business from the ground level. 

“I realized that I had found my calling in the world of production,” Adkins said. “It was a turning point that made me reevaluate my path, and I made the bold decision to drop out of college and fully commit to pursuing a career in the creative industry.”

He immersed himself in the world of production, honing his skills, expanding his network, and constantly pushing himself to grow.

Adkins says he starts his day thanking god and his ancestors for the beauty that encompasses everything in his life. 

This gratefulness puts him in a positive mindset that helps him with creative exploration. 

This year, Adkins launched Wilshire Blvd, a content creation/podcast penthouse studio. “It’s an amazing space that will provide a creative haven for artists to bring their visions to life,” Adkins said. 

Adkins said that he wants to inspire creatives to follow their dreams.

“Identify what truly lights a fire within you, what makes you excited and motivated. Your passion will be the driving force behind your creative endeavors and will push you through the challenges that come your way.”

Ron Adkins

Creative Director | Producer 

Paradise Valley Studios LLC.

Mobile: 646. 320. 9377

Office: 888. 202. 0190


Instagram: ParadiseValleyStudios


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