Shantè and Shay, the duo behind MOTIONZ

Introducing MOTIONZ, an R&B sensation that brings a tapestry of emotions and vibes to their music. Their journey started with the name itself – to them, MOTIONZ embodies diverse wavelengths, capturing every feeling one experiences throughout the day. Formed spontaneously without overthinking, the name encapsulates their dynamic approach.

The roots of their musical odyssey trace back to their grandmother’s influence, serenading shoppers with Alicia Keys’ “Fallin'” at a tender age. Talented feedback ignited their spark, leading them to partake in talent shows and performances. The pivot towards a serious pursuit of music came during middle school, culminating in the creation of the group ES3. A hiatus for education and rebranding marked the transition to MOTIONZ, enabling them to infuse their unique sound with renewed passion.

Shantè and Shay, the duo behind MOTIONZ, share a style that’s effortlessly chill, laidback, creative, and reminiscent of the 90s era. Their personalities, both synonymous with silliness which drives the synergy in their music.

A litany of R&B icons such as Beyoncé, Xscape, and Chris Brown inspired them, contributing to the formation of their distinct musical identity. Beyond their craft, the duo finds joy in movies, laughter, cooking, and sharing time with loved ones

Drawing from the 90s and 2000s, MOTIONZ infuses their music with the nostalgia and vibrancy of those eras. The legacy of their journey culminates in an R&B sound that is both fresh and reminiscent of the golden age of soulful rhythms.

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