For the past few years, blockchain technology has taken the world by storm. Blockchain technology enhances the security, trust, comprehensibility, and traceability of data shared across the business network. It offers cost-effective data transference along with new efficiencies while also controlling the viewership of your critical and sensitive data. It offers transparency within all permitted members of the database system. Moreover, it propounds instant traceability, efficiency, speed, and automation.

Jerry Lopez, the founder of Philcoin, which has been recognized as one of the only true philanthropists, has entered a partnership with Indacoin, a fiat-to-crypto conversion platform. Philcoin, or PHL is a non-profit organization, and its mission is to provide relief to those underprivileged people who do not have access to internet service; PHL is a philanthropist company. It operates in diverse areas, such as uneven education opportunities, economic crises, and unequal access to Internet services.

Philcoin uses extensive collaborative technology for wideband infrastructure that democratizes access to WEB3. Primarily, Philcoin is set up for rural areas. It gives access to educational resources, communication resources, social networks, entertainment, and an e-commerce marketplace. Philcoin is one step ahead of its competitors because the data transition is protected via quantum-proof encryption technology, so data breaching is nearly impossible. Philcoin’s token can be utilized to donate to needy ones by using Philcoin’s world’s first-ever donate-and-earn staking mechanism.

The pastor, network marketer, founder of Philcoin, and a global philanthropist, Jerry Lopez, was born on December 24, 1978, in Puerto Rico. For his Master’s in Ministry, he attended Open Bible Institute, and later for his Doctorate in Christian Counseling, he was admitted to the Vision International University of Florida. Jerry Lopez has a license as a Theodore (Theo) Therapeutic Counselor from the International Reciprocity Board of Therapeutic Professionals Counselors Certification (IRBO).

Being a philanthropist for all his life, Lopez has a breakthrough career in marketing as well. He has been a pastor at the Radical Movement Ministries located in Orlando, Florida. In more than 50 countries, Lopez has built different organizations to help people with their faith healing. His focus is on developing the optimum conditions for enhanced productivity in companies, strategic leadership, and brand concocting.

While serving as a network marketer, he partnered with two companies; SAVI Health International and LyfeStart International. In 2014, both companies amalgamated under the leadership of Mike Larkins, Dennis Web, and Jerry Lopez and were later sold to Modere.

Working as a network marketer till 2014, in the year 2015, Lopez started the blockchain space. Since he was a philanthropist by heart, he used this platform to generate such strategies that redistribute wealth across the world and is not confined to a certain group of people. He established partnerships with other philanthropists to build the movement for blockchain technology.

While enjoying the breakthrough success of Philcoin, Lopez developed PHILApp, a trailblazing mobile application where users can digitally approach all the services of Philcoin, such as education, communication, entertainment, and e-commerce resources. Along with PHILApp, there is another well-designed mobile application called PHILChat, a chatting app that provides premium quality communication with minimum stress on telecom resources. PHILChat has a unique set of characteristics and features such as protection from the third-party, secure transference of data, information security, protection from server hacking, fast messaging service, and low data usage. All these features make PHILChat an obvious choice for underprivileged users. 

Recently, Philcoin partnered with the world-renowned boxer Roy Jones Jr. Together; they plan to introduce the sports community to the blockchain world by offering exclusive NFT collections. This partnership will also pave the way for creating a pension fund for boxers across the globe. This is just one of the many philanthropic initiatives that Philcoin has undertaken to make the world a better place. With the help of their PHILApp, users can earn tokens and contribute to charitable causes through social engagement.

Jerry Lopez’s creative and innovative style of philanthropism is commendable. His initiatives, such as Philcoin, PHILApp, and PHILChat, are creating vivid differences across the world, and that is why Philcoin was awarded as Social Impact Project of the Year 2021 at AIBC (Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Conference) in Malta. Lopez is married and has three kids. His vision and expertise in 17 years of marketing and six years of blockchain space set him apart from his competitors. His funds raising strategies for COVID-19 victims are praiseworthy. The groundbreaking success of his numerous projects is the witness of his incessant efforts.    

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