Mila Nabours is an actress and singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. The daughter of professional classical musicians, Mila released her first original music in early 2021 which was followed by her EP entitled ‘Vision’. Her single, ‘Memory, which was released in 2022 is dedicated to those who have family members suffering from Alzheimer’s. Mila has performed all over the world including New York, Milan, London, and The Cayman Islands. In fact, her single ‘Emotions’ debuted at New York Fashion Week earlier this year. I recently caught up with Mila to discuss your performances and her plans for the rest of 2023.

You are a regular performer on The Fashion Life Tour. How did you get involved with that?

A few years back I was touring with a different production company, and I met the owners of TFL in London — I loved their crew and have been working with them ever since! 

Of all the places you’ve performed, where is your favorite place to perform?

My favorite place to perform is London. The venues are so classy and elegant, and it’s always a pleasure. I also can’t wait to perform in Milan in September, the venue looks stunning! 

What do you love most about performing?

I love the adrenaline and excitement I get from getting to own the moment for the duration of my set. I love how I’m able to express myself both vocally and physically!

What’s the craziest thing that happened on stage?

One of the craziest moments on stage was when I performed in London at the same time as models were walking through the runway, and when my song ended, they began playing the track again… so in the moment, not knowing what to do, I started singing it again! 

What do you hope people will take away from watching you perform live?

I hope people will connect with the stories and real emotion I try to express through my music. The most important thing I focus on when making my music is the authenticity in whatever form that style calls for, and I hope people relate to that. 

What are your goals for 2023?

My goals for the rest of 2023 are to continue working on my craft in the best way I can, while also balancing school. I’m starting college in the fall, so my goal is to settle into my new lifestyle and stay strong with my studies, while also balancing my art and social life. 

Where can we follow you on social media?

Instagram & Tiktok: @mila.nabours

Youtube: Mila Nabours

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