Check out our recent interview with the musical group Urban Minds as we dove a little deeper into what the group is about and currently working on.

What releases are you currently working on?

On July 27, 2023, UrbanMinds release their first single called “Rack It Up” performed by David Stanley,Jayden Perez, and Johinya Campbell. Produced by: Jaevon Jones and Johinya Campbell.

Nice ! What inspired these or this record?

The inspiration for the E.P.P.C. /streetligionUrbanMind summer media program was to teach the youth the fundamentals of mass media production. This song provided an opportunity for the kids in 6th – 8thgrade to express their feelings and emotions through the art of music.

What is your goal this year as an artist?

Our goal is to keep kids off the street, giving them a voice in our community by providing the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of music production,film/videography, journalism, podcast production programming, and artist development.

Very awesome, Do you have any performances coming up? If so,where?

No current performances are coming up, However, UrbanMinds debut their first single “Rack It Up” performance at E.p.p.c. / streetligion graduation Grammy on July 27, 2023

Next question. What makes you different as an artist? What makes you stand out?

E.P.P.C  / Streetligion LLC / Urbanmind Summer Media Program was designed for students to learn how to be a one-stopshop, teaching our youth how to dominate all lanes in mass media. The song “Rack It Up” was written, recorded, and produced by the youth from the UrbanMind Summer Media Program. 

Why would an audience relate to or with your music?

Urban mind is in the now. We are the voice. we are the movement. we are the language of today’s generation.

If you could describe your sound or style how would you?

UrbanMind has Multi culture sound.

That’s all for today ! If you haven’t already check out their record “Rack It Up” out on all platforms

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