In 2023 where music is growing more than ever especially in the underground world, BTD SPECTRE is here to present us with a dark, gothic trap sound.

With such an exquisite sound and an impeccable ear, he’s able to produce some of the most euphonic melodies. It’s so fascinating how he’s able to make his melodies and voice intertwine. It’s almost like they’re countermelodies dueling over attention. He makes every aspect of his tunes flow together very well. The unbelievably dream-like and fun progression and production that accompanies his music really gives listeners a good taste of the personality behind it all.

BTD SPECTRE is very gifted especially lyrically. He does an outstanding job with

writing his own lyrics but with such an admirable flow on each verse. The instrumental behind it all is always paired perfectly with his style of rap. He supplies a considerable amount of detail to the lyrics which helps draw the audience in even more. He brings an emotional aspect of life into the text. This shows that our feelings and tenderness are our biggest strengths. Pieces from the artist like Grit, Breath Taker, and ContemplatingInMyCasket are prime examples of this.

Something that really caught my attention to this artist was his take on his music and himself but could be applied to all musicians. That is simply to be humble. BTD SPECTRE adds, “Don’t make music for attention or for the likeness of others, do it because you want to. If you’re not doing it for you then it doesn’t mean much. Give your work value and make it timeless. Don’t look at things in the only sense of fame and money once you get attention. People will come to you. Be diligent but enjoy what you do.”

In regards to living in a small town, this can make people think that it’s not possible to do great things and carry-out astonishing art. BTD SPECTRE has proven this to be erroneous time and time again as he’s not only grown at a fast rate but has had the pleasure of working with several acclaimed artists such as ENVIOU$ and AK3K. With the collaboration of producers such as Vrynoah and Aureola, to name a few, BTD SPECTRE will continue to grow. “While the audience in small communities tend to be isolated, living here can be a very positive thing. It shows that there’s a lot of talent within those communities. This will help individuals focus less on what’s mainstream and center their focus on underground artists,” says BTD SPECTRE.

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