The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

Albert Einstein

Adapting to change in organizations to survive seismic disruption is crucial for their sustainability and success.  A growth mindset is essential for individuals and organizations to thrive amidst change. It involves viewing challenges as opportunities for learning and growth, being open to new ideas, and continuously seeking improvement. Leaders play a crucial role in fostering a growth mindset culture within the organization. With authentic leadership, they can soar seismic shifts with a strong foundation from continuously taking inventory of what they can change. Frankie Russo is one such leader who communicates clearly during crucial times of change. Leaders should provide regular updates, share the rationale behind changes, and actively listen to employee feedback. Effective communication helps reduce uncertainty, build trust, and align everyone toward a shared vision.

In 2008, Frankie Russo founded Potenza Inc. with the assistance of his brother. The creative advertising agency is an expert in branding, advertising, and strategy development that eventually help build, implement, and manage an innovative strategy for the growth of the business. The notion of Potenza Inc. is to declutter and find the best creative and functional design for the clients. Rather than utilizing redundant ways of amassing data, the agency implements ideas that land the companies in the success landscape. Rather than amassing a large volume of data, organizations should prioritize the quality and authenticity of the data they collect. It’s essential to ensure that the data collected is accurate, reliable, and relevant to the organization’s goals and objectives.

 But how does Potenza Inc. accomplish the heavy-duty tasks? The answer lies in their core values that encapsulate their innovative, result-driven, passionate, transparent, and adaptable working mechanism. The agency is eminent among auto dealers, television stations, and national food chain clients for various advertising services. In a nutshell, Potenza Inc.’s advertising services are comprised of social, print, and press media. 

Why settle for less when you have the potential to do bigger things in life? That is precisely what Russo did in 2015 by expanding his wings with his new venture named 360oIntelligent Automation (ia). Organizations need to be agile and flexible to adapt quickly to changes in the market, technology, customer preferences, and regulatory landscapes. This includes being responsive to emerging trends, embracing new technologies, and being willing to adjust strategies, processes, and structures as needed. The company specializes in innovative marketing automation and intelligence solutions. 360oia allows companies to identify their purchase algorithm and connect with their potential clients. 360oia has six times more sales matches in 121 markets with around 255M potential targets having 97.5M daily updates on their website. That sums up their breakthrough performance over a decade. Entrepreneurs operate in dynamic and unpredictable environments. Adaptability allows them to adjust their strategies, business models and approaches in response to market changes, emerging trends, and customer needs. Adaptable entrepreneurs are open to new ideas, have flexible thinking, and are quick to embrace change. They are willing to experiment, learn from failures, and make necessary adjustments to stay ahead of the curve. In 2020, Russo led his team to become Louisiana’s fastest-growing privately owned enterprise, skyrocketing nearly 6000% in three years from its inception.

Russo has authored two books to build passion and desire for learning. His first book, published in 2016, The Art of Why: Master Your Purpose, provides a road map for honing personal skills. The book compelled people from all walks of life, from college students to experienced business, to understand the essence of life. The Art of Why enables the reader to take a moment and reflect on life and its purpose. Passion fuels motivation. When you are passionate about what you do, you are more likely to be driven, committed, and persistent in your efforts. Passion ignites a fire within you and pushes you to overcome obstacles, take risks, and make your limits. It fuels your determination to achieve excellence and mastery in your chosen domain. Russo believes that when you can harness authenticity, you can become a leader that shows others how to soar seismic shifts and give back that gift by showing others how to achieve their WHY.

Following the massive success of the first book, Russo was motivated to write another one. In 2022, he created another masterpiece, Breaking WHY: Hacking and Rebuilding Strategic Emotions for Authentic Success. In this edgy and unconventional cryptography, Russo coerces the readers to redefine and rethink the notion of success and integration to accomplish a better life. Both of his books were Amazon’s best-selling books in their respective years. Rebuilding strategic emotions involves fostering a positive emotional climate in the workplace. When leaders prioritize employee well-being and create a supportive environment, it enhances job satisfaction and reduces stress. Authentic leaders who genuinely care about their employees’ emotional well-being contribute to a healthier and happier work culture. Russo believes authentic leaders demonstrate transparency and integrity in their emotions and actions.  They do not shy away from expressing their true feelings, including vulnerability, and they align their words with their deeds. This builds credibility and establishes trust and respect within the organization.

The world acknowledged ‘Russo’s excellent entrepreneurial skills by awarding him ABIZ Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011. He was also honored with Addy Awards in 2015 and AWA Automotive Awards in 2018. Russo was featured in one of the 20 under 40 Honorees in Louisiana by The Daily Advertiser in 2014. Russo was also credited as one of ‘America’s Top Consultants in 2019.

Born in 1981, Frankie Russo is a leading American entrepreneur, investor, tech innovator, author, and keynote speaker. He has appeared in a popular podcast, Red Apple Podcast. His series, The Wacky Side of Midnight with Frankie Russo, comprises five episodes in which he discusses personal and professional exciting encounters. In the fifth episode, Russo spilled the beans on the controversy of Lia Thomas, the arrest of bodega owner Jose Alba, and thoughts on the afterlife. The episode was a massive hit with 4.2 ratings. Indeed, not everyone can handle so many ventures by himself; however, that is not the case with Russo, as he not only laid the foundation of his versatile ventures but also knows how to manage each one of them successfully. After expanding his impact on the business world, ensuring the success of Potenza Inc. and 360ia in 2018, he founded Russo Capital, a private equity firm. Through Russo Capital, he invests in various sectors, including sports, technology, advertising, media, marketing, automotive, agriculture, and more. Russo states, “I believe that when authentic leadership and a clear purpose are instilled, you can uncover new opportunities, innovative ideas, and untapped potential.” From selling t-shirts to soaring seismic shifts as a business owner, Russo has been battle tested and still adapts to whatever opportunity awaits. 

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