Michael Ross Catania’s has a great amount of achievements! As a producer, songwriter, and inventor, he has certainly made a name for himself. With 23,427 monthly listeners on Spotify and 350,000 streams, it seems that his music is gaining popularity and reaching a growing audience.

Furthermore, the fact that Michael Ross Catania has acquired 35 patents indicates that he has a creative and innovative mindset. It’s impressive to see someone excel in multiple fields and explore different avenues of creativity.

His new funk hit single, “Can’t Stop the Funk,” is out now. It’s wonderful that his music is available on all platforms worldwide, ensuring that fans from around the globe can enjoy his work.

n late 2022, Michael stepped back into music with a fresh new perspective. After hearing Beck’s audiobook on Amazon, he was motivated to get back into it. He started to feel he could relate to Beck as an artist in an unexplained way. Then watched a Youtube interview with Dave Wyndorf, Jersey-based rock music, and thought he could also relate to him too. And was resonating with what he was saying. Then saw an inspiring Mark Ronson Maestro course on Music production, Quincy Jones’ audiobook, and finally, Rick Ruban’s book, “The Creative Act .”  Rick’s book expanded Catania’s thinking and mind. All these things resonated with Michael, so he figured he would give music another shot as it felt right.

Starting with his first song release, “I Love You, Girl,” Michael realized it was a new ball game! He had the keys to the castle! Things were way different now in 2023 than in 2013.

Michael knew he had to learn from his last 15 years of music production experience. He was keeping the things he did right and fixing the things he did wrong. He started networking with world class Vocalists worldwide and upgraded his studio to have the latest technology and top sound quality. Additionally, he networked with world-class Sound Engineers.

When Michael combined world class Vocalists, world class Engineers with high-quality instruments, things quickly fell into place.

The key was Michael already had 15 year’s experience in songwriting, producing, and composing music and had already developed that skill to a world-class level. So now all the parts were right.

2023, it was just the right time. Now Michael Ross Catania feels like a kid in the candy store as all the correct elements are in place!!Michael realizes nothing is stopping him from rising upas all the primary barriers are gone!

Michael keeps his team small to a: world-class Vocalist, world-class Mixer, and top-notch, world class A&R Consultant. Michael does all the songwriting, lyrics, topline, composition, and rough mix.

At the beginning of the production process, all vocalists Michael works with get a version of the song with Michael singing. Michael thinks the demo version with him singing is decent but feels to “do the song true justice,” it is better to have the world-class vocalists sing the songs and do their thing.

Michael lets the Vocalist and the Sound Engineer do their thing and gets out of the way.

Michael feels confident and excited about the future as everything has turned around for the better, and the sky really is the limit!!

Overall, Michael Ross Catania’s achievements demonstrate his talent, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. It’ll be exciting to see how his career continues to evolve in the future.

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