Kacey Fifield is a singer/songwriter and actress currently in Los Angeles, but is heading to the Big Apple in the fall to start college at Columbia University. Her newest single, “Petty” is currently streaming on all platforms and she has a lot more planned for the coming months. Please enjoy my interview with the very talented Kacey Fifield!

1. Tell us about your newest single. What was the concept behind the song?

My most recent single, “Petty,” is a super fun dance song about cutting off petty people and focusing on yourself! I originally wrote it as a more acoustic piece, but it developed into this really upbeat song that everyone can dance to. I started writing the song with the chorus, so I think the repetition of “you’re just, you’re just so petty, petty” and the way the rest of the chorus was the inspiration for the rest of the song. The way that petty/toxic people just continuously repeat their actions and never learn was the baseline idea for the repetition in the chorus and it definitely drew me to finishing the rest of the song!

2. Where do you come up with ideas for your songs?

My life and my friends! I’m always inspired by things that happen to me and my friends so I’m always jotting down lyrics in my notes app and recording short voice memos. Sometimes, when a certain idea sticks, I go back and turn it into a full song!

3. How long does it take you to bring the idea of a song into the recording studio?

It really depends! Sometimes I come up with a chorus or bridge that I really love, and I become so protective over it that I don’t want to finish the song until I know it’ll be perfect so it ends up taking months and months before I ever bring the idea to the studio. Other times, the song idea flows instantly, and I have it written in one sitting and recorded the next week!

4. If you could collaborate on a song with anyone who would it be and why?

I’m a big fan of Conan Gray and I think we have similar lyrical styles but different melodic styles so I think a collab would be super fun!!

5. You are heading to Columbia University in NYC in the fall! What are you most looking forward to about living in NYC?

I’m really excited to experience the fast-paced hustle of the NYC lifestyle as well as explore the music scene there. I’ve visited a bunch of places and even performed at a music festival in New York, so it’s definitely a city I know I love.

6. As a singer and actress do you have aspirations to do Broadway?

I haven’t been super involved in theater since I was 7 or 8, but I would absolutely love to give it a try! Broadway would be a dream, of course, so maybe someday.

7. Any plans to release new music?

Yes! I have so many new songs in the works that I can’t wait to release!!! Stay tuned for updates.

8. Where can we follow you on social media?

You can find me on all social media platforms under my name! My Instagram is @kaceyfifield and my TikTok is @kacey_fifield 🙂

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