Fresh from a sold out run of shows across the UK and Europe, British singer-songwriter Henry Moodie releases his boldly autobiographical new single “pick up the phone.” The new single was inspired by a conversation he had with a friend at one of his lowest moments, Henry opens up about his struggles with anxiety through his most intimate and earnest lyrics yet, as the track unfolds with a candid piano-tinged arrangement, a guitar driven chorus and cut through vocals. Listen HERE

Speaking about “pick up the phone,” Henry says: “Life can get dark sometimes and it’s so easy to catastrophise and spiral, but things can and do get better. We need the bad days to grow and we need the bad days to learn. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t appreciate all the good ones! I’ve been there. I wrote the song to give hope to people who are in a bad place and really as a reminder how important it is to talk to people and reach out to someone if you need help!”

With an ever-growing global fanbase, Henry has already got a staggering 102 million worldwide streams under his belt, less than a year after releasing his first piece of music. Henry released his debut, the heart-felt pop song “you were there for me,” in the summer of 2022, written and produced entirely in his childhood bedroom. “drunk text,” Henry’s emotive second single took it one step further, telling a deeply relatable tale of unrequited love, paired with an epic chorus – a signature for him. Following his most recent single “eighteen,” a coming-of-age pop banger released on his 19th birthday.

The rising star is set to captivate audiences with his exciting performances and unforgettable stage presence supporting Canadian pop sensation Lauren Spencer Smith, as well as Busted on their upcoming arena tour. The tour is set to begin this autumn. Stay tuned for more from Henry Moodle coming soon!

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