“Kingdom” featuring Stephen Voyce, the latest release from PTtheGospelSpitter, has taken the iTunes charts in Africa by storm. The song has made its way to the top of the charts, hitting #1 and gaining immense popularity in a short period.

This song is a display of the exceptional talent of PTtheGospelSpitters and Stephen Voyce, who have created a beautiful and uplifting melody that is resonating with many music lovers in around the world. The lyrics focus on the unifying theme of a kingdom centered around God, reminding listeners of the importance of faith.

Fans are praising the catchy beat and powerful message of the song, which has helped boost the popularity of both artists. The success of “Kingdom” is proof that gospel music is well-loved in Africa, and great music transcends all barriers.

Overall, PTtheGospelSpitter featuring Stephen Voyce’s “Kingdom” is an incredible gospel hit that has captured the hearts of many people with its beautiful melody and inspiring lyrics. We look forward to hearing more great works from these talented artists in the future.

Stream “Kingdom” here : https://music.apple.com/us/album/kingdom-feat-stephen-voyce/1654234904?i=1654235244

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