Vancouver’s NADUH have shared a new single, titled “LEGACY”. Filling in the industry thigh-gap, 5-piece femme powered hip-hop and R&B group, NADUH, write, engineer, and produce all of their music – meaning they have crafted a sound that’s truly representative of their collective energy. Spreading unity consciousness through R&B infused beats that hit every chakra, laced with buttery-smooth vocals and HERstorical lyrics. This one-of-a-kind group aims to shatter earthly constructs, and pop pussies worldwide. “LEGACY” continues their blazing run of hip-hop and R&B cuts, providing a refreshing edge with its infectious sonics, sharply-crafted melodies, and sleek style.

“LEGACY” opens with chilling synths that build dynamically in layers, as potent, catchy percussion and rich bass moor the song and create a memorable groove. The track’s vocals then take it to new heights with silky melodies and sleek verses that blend hip-hop and R&B engagingly, as the listener is drawn in with each bar. It’s a strong outing from the Canadian 5-piece that further proves NADUH are a group to be paid attention to as we enter the second half of 2023.

Regarding the single, NADUH say, “‘Legacy’ speaks to our lineage, from the past to the future, all passing through us as womb carriers. As living, breathing portals, humanity as a whole is our Legacy.

We wrote this as a continuation of “FPE 11:11” our focus track from our debut EP “HOMIESEXUAL”. FPE (fat pussy energy) is all about the divine feminine, abundance, receptivity, flowing with the natural cycles, being intune with emotions, creativity and all things Venusian.

I’ll even give you the recipe, we call it that FPE” – inviting folks of all gender identities to tap into their feminine divine aspects.

Inspired by our mission on earth to reawaken the sacred Mary Magdalene, Isis, Ishtar, Shakti, Tara and be Venus’s mouthpiece on the homefront… We wanted to make a track that would last the ages, talking about our power and responsibility as womb carriers. The power derived from this song helps to focus this energy and elevate the listener into their own divinity

NADUH introduces the “New Era” of girl-groups: true friends who are the sole visionaries and manifestors of their music, narrative, and image. Their music holds strong messages of reclamation, empowerment, queerness, sexuality, and spirituality, mixed in with “that bitch” energy, aiming to help their audience access higher realms of consciousness while entertaining their urge to twerk. They present a strong offering with “LEGACY” that finds them at their heights creatively, while exhibiting a synergetic chemistry that makes the song infectious. Give “LEGACY” a listen below and further familiarize yourself with NADUH.

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