Brighton artist Hatter has shared a new video for his song “Careful”, produced by Saffa Ghorishi. A trailblazer in Brighton’s hip-hop scene, and always testing the limits as to what he can create within the rap domain- Hatter is a potent lyricist and experimental producer whose charismatic energy lights up when taking to the stage. London-born and Brighton-based, Hatter’s play on words, memorable hooks, and versatile production make him an artist paving his own lane. His latest release is “Careful”, produced by Saffa Ghorishi, which continues his streak of diverse, vivid tracks, and features a cinematic new visual shot by Mr. Cheal that does well to capture the song’s epic feel.

“Careful” contains buoyant, vibrant production from Ghorishi that feels eclectic in nature, providing a strong backdrop for Hatter’s sharp flows. He shines on the mic with a laid-back yet confident delivery and crisp vocal tone while displaying a natural chemistry with long-time collaborator Ghorishi. The song is accompanied by a cinematic visual, directed by Mr. Cheal, and with all creative production handled by Roxy Roberts. References to famous movie scenes (Fight Club, Deer Hunter) and other scenes of danger make for an impressive and humorous video, each scene signifying the song’s message to ‘Be Careful’.

Speaking on the release, Hatter says,‘me and Saffa have been friends for years and always made music together so the process was simple. We started from scratch and cooked it up at the same time. Sometimes you’ve just gotta rap rap, I’d just got back from performing in Ibiza with Rag ‘n’ Bone Man so I was feeling myself haha, but there’s some gems thrown in there too’

About Hatter: A trailblazer in the Brighton scene, forever testing the limits to what he can create within the rap domain – Hatter is an undeniable lyricist and experimental producer whose charismatic energy and charm light up when taking to the stage. London born, Brighton based, and ready to take over – the Hatzeen’s play on words, wicked hooks and widely influenced production style makes for an artist paving his own lane.

About Saffa Ghorishi: Emerged from the South Coast of the UK as a DJ, and turntablist and performing alongside notable MC’s in the UK Underground Hip Hop and Rap scene, Saffa showed in a short period of time his potential in music. His Iranian origin has a pivotal role in his versatile music style, blending live and synthesized instrumentation and infusing a sonic future sound to his production formula.

Watch the new video for “Careful” here:

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