Every inch of your body is sacred and a precious gift that needs to be treasured. While everyone knows the importance of a healthy body, mind, and soul, why do many fail to focus on themselves? Whether it’s our mental health or the nourishment our soul needs, most of us ignore our health and keep working tirelessly.

This is most common among women, who always have to put others first, and if you are a black woman, you have it worse. Black women have been stuck in an endless cycle of oppression and chained by societal norms for countless years.

However, it’s about time to put an end to all this. Don’t ignore the signs anymore; remember, a healthy mind means a healthy body. For almost a decade, Shay Sane has been going above and beyond to make a difference, to give Black women the respect and care they need with Black Girls On The Go® (BGOTG).

BGOTG: Empowering Black Women

Black Girls On The Go® is an established wellness brand by none other than a strong, independent black woman— Shay Sane. BGOTG came into being 8 years ago, intending to empower black women to focus on themselves, especially their mental health.

While Shay Sane has come a long way in this journey, this initiative holds a special place in her heart. As a black woman, she also had her fair share of struggles and has been on a rollercoaster with her mental health. However, despite all the ups and downs, Shay Sane came out strong and thriving and took it upon herself not to let any other Black woman suffer silently.

As a travel influencer, Shay Sane strongly believes that the toughest battles can’t be fought alone; knowing someone understands and supports you is always great. That is exactly what BGOTG does. 

Employing a refreshing approach to handling mental health problems, BGOTG promotes traveling to boost mental health. In addition, BGOTG offers women of the black community a safe haven where they can come together to help each other grow and leave all mental health stigmas behind. 

Feed Your Body, Mind, and Soul with BGOTG’s Travel Therapy

Black Girls On The Go® (BGOTG) has taken a holistic approach to improving mental health. As mentioned, Shay Sane believes that traveling can heal the soul and mind. And so, through BGOTG, she has established a platform where traveling is used to deal with mental health problems.

Apart from that, BGOTG constantly hosts informative seminars and sessions to encourage all the women of the black community to come forward and share their stories. While creating a safe space for black women has always been on the agenda, Shay Sane goes above and beyond to assist every woman part of the community in their traveling adventures while prioritizing their mental health. 

For all black women who are drained and need help reenergizing themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually, Black Girls On The Go® is just the platform. 

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