As a musician, having a mentor is vital to inspire growth and development. For Peter Cestaro, Jack Harlow has been a key figure in his music journey. In his recent interview, he shared how jack Harlow influenced his latest single “Jawlock” and his future goals as a musician.

“Jawlock” is a new sound and style for Peter. It shows off his progress and the hard work that he has put in the past year. Jack Harlow’s sound and style of music opened doors for Peter, he states “I am proud to say that his style has inspired me to express myself better“.

Through his latest release, he wants to share his new sound and attract his current fans to his new style of music. He states “This project is different from anything I have ever produced before, and I am excited about what the future holds. I want my fans to feel that they are in sync with the new sound and to give them a hint of what’s to come“.

Peters main future goal is to put Connecticut on the map. He believes in manifestation, and he is confident that he will make it big in the music industry. He sees himself taking the stage on big platforms and entertaining the masses. His dream is only getting started and with hard work, it will soon become a reality.

Jack Harlow has become an integral part of Peters music journey. The influence that he has had on his sound is undeniable, and he is excited to see where it will take him. His new single “Jawlock” is but a taste of what is to come. He is determined to put Connecticut on the map and make a name for himself in the music industry.

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