Instagram features among the top, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, as the most widely used social media platforms. Easily more than 2 million Instagram users share millions of posts and stories.

However, privacy concern is increasing, which is why many people are not as enthusiastic about having an account on social media platforms. Recording and sharing every minute of your life on Instagram is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Nevertheless, Instagram is also one of the best places to find posts and stories – from your high school friends and the local grocery to your favorite celebrities across the planet. So not having an Instagram account should not prevent you from checking out what the rest of the world is up to or what the hottest trending topics are among your friends.

You can view Instagram posts/reels/stories and even download them to your device to see later.

Here are the best ways if you wish to view Instagram stories and posts – anonymously.

Create a finsta

A burner account for Instagram is one of the best ways to stay up to date with news and the latest updates from your favorite celebrities, all without revealing your real identity. This phenomenon of using a burner/fake account on Instagram is nothing new and is so popular that it has a name – finsta.

With a finsta, you can not only view the Instagram posts/reels and stories of other users but also post your own stories and interact with others.

Below are the steps to create your finsta today:

  • Download the Instagram app to your phone or browser.
  • Ignore the “log in with Facebook” and other options and choose the “sign up” option.
  • Assuming you already have an email with an alias, enter the email address. Using a fake phone number is also an option, but an email works better.
  • You will also need an alias/nickname for your full name – make sure it is not related to your real name.
  • Your username that will be visible to other Instagram users is also required, so make sure to find one.
  • Click “Submit,” and you have just created your finsta account.
  • To further secure your finsta account, click on your profile picture and choose “edit profile.”
  • On the new page, look for “Similar Accounts Suggestions” at the bottom of the page and uncheck it and click “Submit.”
  • This will hide your finsta account so that you can view Instagram stories and posts anonymously.

Activate the Airplane mode

For android and iOS smartphone users, activating the airplane mode is another way to view Instagram stories anonymously.

To do this, load the Instagram app on your device, and as soon as the stories begin to load, turn on the Airplane mode on your phone. Pull the Instagram app back again, and you can view the stories anonymously.

However, this tip for viewing Instagram stories works better if you already have a burner/finsta account on the platform. In addition, new Instagram stories will not load once you switch airplane mode, so you are usually left with old stories.

With these tips, viewing Instagram stories anonymously should be a piece of cake for you.

Using a Third-Party Website To View Instagram Stories Without An Account

Another free site that allows you to view Stories is the IgAnony. It’s simple; all you need is the person’s IG Handle.

Once the username has been entered, the browser will generate a link that can be used to view the Story. The best part about this? None of the individuals whose stories you’ve viewed get notified.

If you want to view someone’s stories without signing up, you can give IgAnony a go.

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