blackbyrd has caught our attention for his refreshing new record Shoegaze for Black Kids. blackbyrd (formally known as mikeyblackkk) is an artist from the burgeoning Western Mass music scene. Combining the melody of shoegaze and dream pop with the lyricism of 90’s boom bap rappers, blackbyrd offers a truly original sound. The project defies boundaries with its eclectic genre bending and sharply-crafted creativity that demonstrates blackbyrd’s unique vision. It’s a thoroughly entertaining and dynamic project that combines various genres that often do not go together, and yet- blackbyrd manages to pull off the combinations with ease and grace. Shoegaze for Black Kids contains a number of strong songs that toe the line between shoegaze and hip-hop, such as the opener “White Noise”, which contains an expansive sound and powerful vocals that captivate from the get go. Then, tracks like “Insomniac” continue this run with textural, nocturnal soundscapes and sharp lyrics that demonstrate blackbyrd’s versatility even further. “YKTV” with joenis also demonstrates a natural chemistry between the two artists, while providing a solid offering later in the record’s track listing. There are so many bright moments on Shoegaze for Black Kids that find blackbyrd at a creative high, as he takes admirable risks throughout the record that keep it engaging for the listener. Each track on Shoegaze for Black Kids hits hard, while providing versatile soundscapes that leave this project with few dull moments.

While blackbyrd’s previous output leaned more towards traditional hip-hop, Shoegaze for Black Kids finds him exploring new ground and succeeding in doing so. Check out Shoegaze for Black Kids below.

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