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Kanye West isn’t the only college dropout to make more than the graduates. Meet Darris Robins, CEO of Mic Check Global. On Nov 21st, 2013, Robins established Mic Check Global, a marketing agency that helps artists, and entrepreneurs elevate their social media to connect with their targeted demographic, and convert to sales. Robins attended the Berkeley College of Music, but dropped out after amassing $100k in student loan debt. Robins started marketing music to pay off his debt, and now not only has he paid it off and achieved his goals, but he’s helped hundreds of unsigned artists reach theirs.

Robins helps artists by improving their brand, leaving the artists room to focus solely on their art. Robins first discovered his love of music at the age of 10, going on to produce and compose his own music. That pushed him into learning the business of music. He amassed millions of views and streams for himself, and with proven strategies, has made a living helping others. Robins created Mic Check Global Films In 2017 and started creating visual branding content that businesses can use on social media to tell a story & present new products or services.

Mic Check global officially opened their first international office in Cebu, Philippines in 2019 to build business relationships with the people of Asia. Mic Check Global also had its first international show in January 2019. The new venture includes hiring brand team ambassadors, sponsoring artist development programs and events, and encouraging intercontinental communication and expansion in Asia. Mic Check Global is the first American/Asian company to embark on this venture to help emerging artists grow into full time artists and entrepreneurs. Darris and his partners in Cebu have sponsored students to attend private school. “Our mission is to help every artist achieve their dreams by enriching their financial literacy, improving their social media presence, and allowing them to focus on becoming the artist they dream to be,” Robins said.

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