Post-punk band Mooncult are back with their latest single, the aptly titled “Ghost Song.” With this single, the band promises an indie-rock banger that will enrapture listeners in a mesmerizing soundscape. Mooncult has always been a band with a strong identity, putting their best foot forward in regards to showcasing their unique sound and energy, and “Ghost Song” is no exception.

The band’s unique blend of post-punk and pop melodies is at the forefront of “Ghost Song,” it makes for an incredibly memorable performance. The song opens with a frenetic guitar solo, blasting the listener with energy and maintaining this breakneck pace throughout the entire song. As the song continues, more background vocal melodies get thrown into the mix, washing over the listener.

The lyrics of “Ghost Song” are evocative and poetic, conveying an alluringly dark and dreamy vibe while retaining a satisfying amount of weirdness. Lead singer Raven Mystere’s repeated chants of things being “I’m weird” almost come off as cathartic, with her sardonic delivery fitting the song perfectly. There’s a nearly mesmerizing sense of wonder in the single, especially with its dreamy shoegaze influences peeking in.

Production on “Ghost Song” is excellent as well. Despite the sheer chaotic energy that seeps through every pore of the single, the mix manages to retain a sense of balance. Between the haunting vocal melodies that permeate the song to the absolutely killer riffs, it’s impressive that the song never loses its careful balance. Even the busy drums add the right amount of constant energy to keep listeners on their toes.

In a world of ever-changing music trends, it’s rare to find a band that manages to stand out while staying true to their roots. Mooncult’s “Ghost Song” is a prime example of such a feat, infusing their brand of indie rock who create a hauntingly beautiful track that resonates long after the last chord fades away.

Mooncult is a relatively new band, but having faced a challenging 2020, “Ghost Song” shows they have gained maturity and depth beyond their years. The songwriting is top-notch, and the musicianship is exceptional. These are musicians who understand the power of subtlety and nuance. A sense of restraint in the playing allows the song’s emotion to shine through without ever becoming overwrought.

Mooncult’s line-up comprises Raven Mystere on vocals and guitar, Rajeev Ananda on lead guitar, Tia Cestaro on drums, and Grover Doyle on bass. The band’s unique style melds dark, atmospheric post-punk with infectiously catchy pop melodies and a touch of aggressive noise. Their poignant lyrics often address love, death, betrayal, and existentialism themes. Fans can expect spellbinding live performances that brim with unbridled energy and intensity. Mooncult is a must-see for devotees of compelling, genre-defying music.

Don’t miss out on this beautiful and esoteric “Ghost Song,” set to be the first single of their upcoming album, and will be available on all major streaming platforms on April 23rd.

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