The traditional entertainment approach, previously followed across the globe,has become out of date andthe days when all content approval decisions were made by a small group of executives in a boardroom are long gone. Independent content creators and entrepreneurs like Leo TaylorJannati now have the ability and power to create and publish content across various platforms, including podcasts on audio platforms, short videos and pictures on social media handles, and films andshows on streaming devices and platforms.

Because of their own special talent and vision, entrepreneurs, influencers, producers, and content creators, like Leo,are on the road tobecoming the next digital media conglomerates. It is a great time for creative content generators to carry out and conceptualize artistic projects without having to deal with studio or network oversight and bureaucratic red tape. This is made possible because of the adaptability of their small teams as well as a plethora of distribution mediums available nowadays.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also increased the demand for content creators. It is no longer necessary for individuals to visit movie theaters each week to catch the latest premiere or watch shows. Instead, the voids left by the postponement of anticipated television shows and movies have been filled by independent content creators.Additionally, we are witnessing a shift in audience loyalty from specific platforms to individual content creators. Taking advantage of the audience’s loyalty is vital because the masses tend to follow their stars and engage with them wherever they create content, whether it is on a single platform or on several platforms.

Content creators and entrepreneurs like Leo TaylorJannati are currently challenging the existing entertainment approach. In fact, lucrative deals with social media channels and streaming services are already starting to become influenced by their star power.The British-Iranian entrepreneur, LeoTaylorJannati, who was born on 12thDecember1991in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England, is popular around the worldas the host of the podcast,Living in the Hyphen.

To pursue his secondary education, Leoenrolled in Bury College, where he got his A levels in Drama, English Literature, English Language, and Media Studies. Soon after completing his studies, he stepped into the professional world as an entertainer during his adolescence. He also shot a variety of short films and attended a few theater classes during this time. Leo migrated to London when he was twenty-four years old to pursue an acting career. Several independently produced films, including Bastion,Hellions, Anthem, The War I Knew,The Collaborators, and Corruption II, featuredLeo as an actor. In 2017,his performance in The Waiting Room, which was staged at Upstairs at the Gatehouse as part of the Camden Fringe festivalwas also praised and well-received.

After a brief but successful stint as an actor, Leo laid the foundation of Xanadu Media, a group of businesses focused on digital content creation, film and television production, events,sports, marketing,and sponsorship. He also serves asXanadu Media’s sports marketing agency and Sponsorwise’s managing director which has become a market leader in Europe. As a content creator, Leo explores dual cultural identity and the feeling of being caught between two worlds through his content creation. His content focuses on stories about people living hyphenated lives and covers a variety of genres.

Apart from running his business venture, Leo hosts the podcast, Living in the Hyphen. He started the podcast with the goal of creating a profitable and distinctive brand based on the concept of “living in the hyphen,” accepting his identity as a “hybrid” person and an outsider. The guest is the central focus of each episode of Living in the Hyphen, which explores a particular topic. This podcast delves into issues pertaining to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, art, politics, culture, and any other areas in which anindividual might be “living in the hyphen.”

The content industry’s future is rapidly changing even more dramatically than anticipated as the entrepreneurs and content creators like LeoTaylorJannati continue to devise new and innovative ways of content creation and marketing.

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