For a long time now, music has been the core to Dada P’s existence. With that dedicated statement it has been a part of his life from as far back as he could remember. Falling in love with music and being mesmerized with the sounds as he would call it “The Old School” artists such as The S.O.S. Band, Renee & Angela, Curtis Mayfield & Johnny Taylor to name a few who ignited that flame in the mind of an eighteen (18) year old young man Dada P aka It’s Ya Guy D-A

When he discovered Hip Hop, he started writing poems, which he  later converted into his raps. His first rap group, Fatal Family, consisted of Nina Ross, Matty, K-I, Skitzlow, and himself. Though the group branched out onto their own individual entities they still feel like a group and know that they will always be able to collaborate and create music together because of the camaraderie and respect they’ve established for one another.

With the desire to pursue his passion, Dada P embarked on his solo career to create and record Hip Hop Music. Using his personal experiences, as well as adding his own melodic twist to each track, has been a dream come true for the rising Memphis rapper who is determined to make and leave his mark not only in this genre, but in the music industry.

Dada P has no limits in sight for the growth and expansion of his brand.  From music to his lifestyle, he is continuing to expand his brand into a clothing line as well as building a Marketing & Promotion team to help advance him with his Music Distribution and continued growth of  his audience reach throughout the U.S. & Overseas Markets.

“I feel like my experience growing up in the streets of Memphis has prepared me well for what’s to come and I appreciate you all for being witness to my journey and knowing that if I can do it so could anyone else who has the passion of becoming a recording artist”.

Be sure to check out his new single “Roll Up” which will be available on all platforms as of May, 31st 2023.


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