With the Almighty God always being around and on time believing in his soldiers, here comes Confetti, a true Soulja of the Dallas Underground music scene pushing through and delivering tunes for his fans no matter the circumstance.

The young entrepreneur had been on his music journey since the age of 17, and with very little progress, but with his mind being set on what he wanted to accomplish here in music and the entertainment world he managed to keep a level head even while dealing with diabetes. Confetti has come a long way and now with the release of his newest single titled “Gangsta’s Magnet ” which is currently available on all streaming platforms; Confetti also explained how the late great DMX, was a huge part of his inspiration when it came to recording music. We’ve gotta give it up to Earl Simmons as he instilled the a mindset to never give up and Mr. Confetti is totally sticking with that.

Confetti Da Reala Soulja: Music has always been that impossible challenge to be financially successful without the proper capital, team, and music business knowledge. After 25 years I am used to this forever changing industry. Being able to adjust to the technology and also the struggle that hip hop faces and transform and grow into this uncontrollable money-making monster machine. That influences greed among many coaches of the art.

Check on the latest single on all platforms and follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/confettidrs/

Log onto www.ConfettiDaRealaSoulja.biz purchase the merch.

Confetti Da Reala Soulja, a true ghetto superstar.


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