Transforming the Car Rental Business.

Most journeys leave people feeling exhausted and perspiring by the time they arrive at their desired destination. This is why many people prefer to stay home than mingle with the streets. Perhaps that’s why a visionary businessman, Khaled Shehata, decided to enter the car rental industry by offering something new and different.

There has been a huge uptick in the popularity of car rental services among tourists. The freedom and comfort to travel alone are yours to enjoy when you rent a car. Unfortunately, rides on public transportation are rarely pleasant. You could end up saving a lot of money, but you’ll get to your destination exhausted and sweating. Instead of dealing with the hassle of making this kind of trip, simply rent a car that will pick you up and drop you off where you need to be.

In the past, only the rich and renowned could afford to take a trip in a luxury automobile. These days, however, it’s possible to experience the perks of a high-end vehicle without making a significant financial investment by renting one from a luxury car rental service. Khaled Shehata is a man who has made life easier for vacationers by offering reliable luxury car rentals. French entrepreneur Khaled Shehata is based in Dubai, where he runs ROLZO, a top B2B luxury transportation technology firm.

Khaled Shehata and his business partner, Tom Ripert, established ROLZO, a rental service of high-end automobiles, in 2017. At ROLZO, Shehata serves as Chief Technology Officer. After much hard work and Shehata’s initiative, ROLZO has emerged as a frontrunner in the luxury car rental market. The ROLZO luxury car rental network spans the globe, with locations in over 500 major cities. Entertainment, aviation, travel, hospitality, high-end retail, and lifestyle management are just some of the industries that have benefited from the company’s expertise. ROLZO counts American Express, Ten Lifestyle Group, AMAN, Mastercard, Chanel, and Tiffany & Co. among its clientele. ROLZO also counts Le Collectionist and L’Artisien among its prestigious clientele.

Shehata was born on April 27, 1987, in Montreuil, France, and has become well-known for uncovering security flaws at government agencies such as NASA. The technical and design development of SEO applications is another area of expertise for him. Shehata completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Jean Jaures College and spent two years at Paris Diderot University, through MIAS, studying mathematics and computer engineering. Shehata is deeply interested in information technology security and, as a result, has amassed a wealth of knowledge and developed exceptional abilities in this domain. Many businesses have benefited from Shehata’s knowledge in this area, as he has responded to CERT-FR alerts to help them address security issues. Additionally, in 2010, he assisted NASA in fixing security flaws in the Hubble Space Telescope.

In addition to his time at ROLZO, Shehata has served as a partner, programmer, and Chief Technology Officer at the CRM Mobile Corp (TCMC). He has held the position of CEO at Novientis since 2011. Shehata helped the French Ministry of Defense, the French Office for Refugees and Aliens (OFPRA), and the French Defense Ministry’s Information and Communications Directorate (Délégation à l’information et à la communication de la Défense) resolve their respective information technology security issues. In addition, he assisted the well-known private company Euronews in resolving some of their security issues. Between the years 2013 and 2015, he served as Publicis Groupe’s Head of Technology. He worked as a digital strategist for Chanel in 2017, and now he’s the Chief Innovation Officer and Director at Jungle Corp.

Shehata’s drive, focus, and strategic thinking resulted in the launch of ROLZO. The latest models from the top luxury car brands, including everything from supercars to executive saloons, are all available at his company, ROLZO. Through hard work and sheer willpower, Shehata’s business is thriving, and his customers are receiving the highest quality luxury car rental service available.

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