There’s so many versatile artists coming out of South Florida. Amongst those looking to have their names mentioned in the top ranks of hip-hop is no other than LV JAY. This is a well rounded rapper and entertainer who knows what it means to appeal to the people. Something as simple as making a post on social media to push and promote his brand and product, is what keeps his fan base growing. He already has the image and the look to fit right into the upper echelon of the top rappers in the game. We love that he keeps his origins of Miami, Florida present in his imagery and wardrobe. Everything from the gold teeth to the goatee and fitted caps screams “305”!  This is important to have that connection to the local natives and to also draw in people who are not from there. It gives the listeners abroad something to become a part of. Ity makes them want to experience your world and see what it’s like. 

You can tell he takes his craft seriously as he already has a catalog of over a dozen singles and three full length projects. No one puts in that amount of work in a short amount of time if they don’t believe in their art and craft. He’s also been featured on a talk show podcast with ‘Carisha The Diva’. Everything possible to invest in the culture of hip-hop bringing that realness back. We appreciate artists like LV Jay and his fellow rap brothers Yung JD. Those two are always supporting each other. They both attending William H. Turner Technical Arts High School along with James Roan, Tara Britt and other upcoming artists. LV Jay is keeping the rap community close but shows love and support to his fellow peers, showing that love overcomes all. 

Check out his recently released mixtape titled “Category Jay” which is now available on all streaming platforms. It consists of 10 songs that will keep you entertained for the duration of the project. He also has a love for film, having a few vlogs and documentaries under his resume on his YouTube channel with he and his group. So Add LV Jay to your playlists, and YouTube Channel to your subscribers list, as you are guaranteed to get a lot more content from this artist in the future!


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