Erik Evy has caught our attention for his fresh new video for “Down Stream”. Evy is a 26 year-old Chicago-based artist who has an exceptional touch with capturing emotions and stories. Influenced by J Cole, Mac Miller, and Amine, he challenges his listeners with different themes with each of his new projects. He expresses tenderness, while flaunting the confidence to win freestyle competitions in Chicago, and opening for Wifisfuneral. Evy’s creativity is infectious, his lyriciscim is expansive, and he captures every emotion in what it means to be human. His latest video for “Down Stream” takes on a minimalistic, DIY approach to great effect, as he bares his soul atop warm, acoustic-based production that leaves enough space for his dynamic vocals to shine.

“Down Stream” is a personal, heartfelt new offering that puts Evy’s lyricism and songwriting on display. The warm, drifting guitars create a musing backdrop for Evy’s pensiveness, suiting his vocals cohesively. The new visual features naturalistic shots that capture the refreshing energy of spring, keeping things down-to-earth and authentic as to connect with his audience.

Created in his bedroom, “Down Stream” is a deep breath; an acoustic, hip hop blend with heart-pulling lyrics. It is the introduction into his next chapter that centers around the themes of family, nature, and the way we see the world. This was originally intended to be an interlude but as more songs were created, it became clear “Down Stream” is what sparked Evy’s ideas. 

Watch Evy’s new video for “Down Stream” below:

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