There’s something undeniably powerful about the journey of spiritual alchemy. It’s a path that can transform not just ourselves but the very fabric of our reality. For Sri and Kira, this journey has been a lifelong pursuit, leading them to the creation of Avesa Global Minga and the awakening of consciousness. Their teachings and insights have helped countless individuals find their own paths to spiritual growth and inner peace. But their journey wasn’t without challenges, as Sri and Kira had to confront their limitations and fears to reach this point. Today, they inspire and guide seekers worldwide to join the Avesa Global Minga, inviting them to become part of a movement transforming themselves and the world.

The journey to spiritual alchemy requires courage, dedication, and a willingness to face the unknown. This journey began for Sri and Kira long before they ever met. Both were drawn to spiritual exploration from an early age, seeking answers to life’s big questions and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. They studied with spiritual teachers from around the world, delving into ancient wisdom traditions and exploring the mysteries of the universe.

But it wasn’t until they met each other that their paths truly converged, and they began to co-create the teachings and insights that would become the foundation of Avesa Global Minga. Through their spiritual awakening and transformation journeys, Sri and Kira discovered the keys to spiritual alchemy, transmuting base energies into spiritual gold.

At the heart of Avesa Global Minga is the Pyramid of Peace, a sacred space that serves as a portal to higher consciousness and spiritual transformation. The Pyramid of Peace stands tall, a towering edifice crafted from natural materials in harmony with Mother Gaia’s yin and yang. It is not merely a place of healing but a space for transcendence and self-discovery. As science has shown, the Pyramid’s energies possess powerful healing properties that stimulate the immune system, elevate energy levels, and transform behavior. Within the Pyramid’s walls, one can meditate and connect with the inner self, achieving inner peace and safeguarding against negativity. But the Pyramid of Peace is more than a sanctuary for the individual; it is a community, a shared vision for a more harmonious world. By joining the Avesa Global Minga, one can become a peace practitioner, dedicating themselves to the greater good and supporting the permanent design of the Pyramid. Your name, inscribed on a tile, symbolizes your commitment to the cause of peace.

In this pursuit, the wisdom of Sri and Kira serves as a guiding light. Their two decades of experience in the field and their book on yoga for self-ascension provide insight and guidance toward spiritual awakening and the opening of the heart to attract positive energies. The Pyramid of Peace demonstrates their journey toward spiritual alchemy, and its twelve planned counterparts stand as beacons of hope for a transformed consciousness. Through the practices and teachings of the Pyramid, individuals can awaken their inner alchemist, transmuting fear, doubt, and negativity into love, compassion, and joy.

The journey to spiritual alchemy and personal growth requires dedication, courage, and an open mind. Sri and Kira’s lifelong pursuit of this journey has led them to create the Avesa Global Minga and transform the consciousness of countless individuals. Their teachings and insights have helped seekers find their paths to spiritual awakening and inner peace. Through the Pyramid of Peace and the community of peace practitioners, Sri and Kira invite us to participate in a global movement toward spiritual transformation and the awakening of consciousness. The journey may not always be easy, but it is worth taking, for it leads us to a greater understanding of ourselves, the world, and our place within it. As Sri and Kira remind us, “We are all divine beings, here to fulfill a unique purpose. Let us embrace our journey with love and grace, and may it lead us to a world filled with peace, joy, and harmony.”

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