Massachusetts artist Jxylen has shared a new EP called DIVINE ORDER: ACT I, produced by E.N.G. Creation. Atop a series of soulful, raw instrumentals, the rapper explores spirituality, inner growth, and more along a set of engaging verses, and in doing so, gives the listener a clear picture of his mindstate and the world around him. This project follows up the well-received PROJECT MAYHEM: FIGHT CLUB EDITION, which Roundhouse Music described as “an LP that is unafraid to wear its heart on its sleeve and take risks both content-wise and sonically”. He achieves similar ends with DIVINE ORDER: ACT I, an esoteric, expressive project, yet takes on a more atmospheric, lighter sound than his last album, and in doing so exhibits his versatility in a focused manner.

E.N.G. Creation does a great job of lacing the project with a variety of sounds, which vary from the soul-sampling boom-bap of “DON’T WAIT” to the glitchy, almost vaporwave-esque style of “LOOSE ENDS”. This diverse soundscape suits Jxylen well throughout the project, and the two present a strong chemistry. Jxylen shines as a lyricist on the EP with a flurry of pensive, poetic bars, as he details his personal journey in a meditative, thoughtful fashion.

Take a listen to DIVINE ORDER: ACT I and familiarize yourself further with the rising Massachusetts emcee, and also check out the new video for “DON’T WAIT” below, a refreshing set of frames directed by The XXXX & Deziner Films.

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