Born and raised in the small town of Granada, Spain, Paula Iglesias Pérez was a creative child who was always amazed by the magic of cinema. Her parents filmed every moment of her childhood, and from an early age Paula was already producing her first projects, turning memories into stories that she enjoyed sharing with the community.

Her last years of highschool were fully committed to her personal video projects, but Paula felt the need for a challenge at that point in her life. Her mother believed she could handle both the academic studies as well as gaining experience working in a craft that could complement her artistic passion. The years spent working for the family business taught Paula the knowledge necessary on how to run a company. Being under the guidance of her mother, Paula acquired a different perspective of the reality on how a successful business operates. She learned skills she never thought would be helpful in her line of work, such as bookkeeping and handling payment transactions. Paula mixes her passion for show business with analytical knowledge in order to handle and organize every situation she comes across. 

Paula studied Audiovisual Communication and Film and TV Production and Direction at the Centro Universitario Villanueva in Madrid, Spain. The four years spent pursuing higher levels of education shaped Paula into becoming a passionate movie producer. During this time she worked alongside renowned names of Spanish cinema such as director and producer  Ramón Campos, Gema R. Neira, and Víctor Fandiño. 

Her first steps in the entertainment industry were with Bambú Producciones, an important production company in Spain. For four seasons, Paula was part of the team of the first Spanish series produced for Netflix, a worldwide hit called “Cable Girls.” She also worked on the Netflix original series “High Seas” and “Morocco: War Times,” which featured renowned Spanish actors such as Amaia Salamanca, Jon Kortajarena, and Ivana Baquero. She also decided to co-produce with one of her best friends and producer, Ines Kayali, three short films, “Le Chef Rouge,” “Ocaso,” & “I’m Not Bowie,” where she started to acquire the experience of fully committing to her project not only producing but also financing them. 

After taking her first steps as a producer, Paula decided that this was what she wanted to do. In 2020, she moved to Los Angeles in order to specialize in film production by taking classes that would allow her to understand the film industry better and how it works at an international scale. She has taken programs, online courses, and in-person workshops with professionals such as Melanie Wagner and Greg Hemstreet. 

It was in Los Angeles where she met prolific film producer Michelle Ng, with whom she has trained and worked tirelessly as a production coordinator and production manager in over ten feature films. Additionally, Paula produced two short films that have won several awards in film festivals around the world: “It Never Rains in LA,” co-produced with Mercedes Matji and directed by Marco Marchiori (winner of the Hollywood Gold Award the Florence Film Award); “A Masterpiece,” co-produced with Ines Kayali and directed by Madina Ismailova (winner of the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the New York International Film Award, the Critics’ Choice Award at the World Film Carnival Singapore and an honorable mention at the Milan Gold Awards). 

Currently, Paula has produced another short film in post-production called “The Night Hag,” which will see the light of day soon and is already set to premier and be shown in several film festival circuits around the world. She has several new feature film projects in development. 

Here are some of the films Paula has worked on that are available on Video on demand:

A Tale of Two Guns – 2021 – available on TubiTV, Roku & Amazon Prime

Maneater – 2022 – available on Hulu, Redbox and Youtube

The Most Dangerous Game – 2022 available on TubiTV, Vudu and Amazon Prime

Lord of the Streets – 2022 – available on TubiTV

Swim – 2022 – available on TubiTV

Time Pirates – 2022 – available on TubiTV

Super Volcano (TV Film) 2022 – Available in UK & Japan

20.0 Megaquake (TV Film) 2022  – Available in UK & Japan

Ice Storm  (TV Film) 2022 – Available in UK & Japan

Aisle Be Home For Christmas – 2022 – Available on Great American Family Channel

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