Independent artist Markbombs has released his newest single “OCD” blending his unique genre-blending style of music with his passion for skateboarding. The track features hard-hitting trap production and showcases Markbombs’ skills in writing, mixing, and recording.

“OCD” is an upbeat track that features hard-hitting trap production. Markbombs raps about his past, present, and future, hoping for more riches and a better life. He references making it big and taking risks, showcasing his determination and ambition as an artist.

Markbombs is an artist who refuses to conform to the norms of the music industry. He believes in creating music that is genuine and reflective of his artistic vision. With every track, Markbombs aims to explore the limits of the ever-evolving art form by incorporating unique production techniques and dynamic cadences.

Despite the challenges of making a name for oneself as an independent artist, Markbombs has persisted in producing music that inspires and resonates with his listeners. Through his powerful and thought-provoking lyrics, he aims to build a dedicated fanbase that appreciates his unique soundscape.

Markbombs – All For Me (prodbyzedna + markbombs)

With each new release, Markbombs continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in music, hoping to establish himself as a prominent figure in the industry. His ambition is to share his distinct brand of musicality with the world and leave an indelible mark on the industry.

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It’s refreshing to see an independent artist like Markbombs creating music that’s authentic and unique to his artistic vision. “OCD” is a great representation of Markbombs’ genre-blending style, and his skills in writing, mixing, and recording are apparent throughout the track.

Listen to “OCD” now on streaming platforms, connect with Markbombs on social media, and show support for independent artists.

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