We live in a world that frequently tells us to focus solely on ourselves. We are taught to earn more, hoard money, and achieve the power to secure our futures. Nevertheless, we never know where to take all this wealth, money, and power. Most crucially, we are never taught that donating money would increase its abundance.

The Power of Living Generously

Living generously entails sharing our time, resources, and talents with those in need. It involves breaking out from the cycle of selfishness and being willing to provide a helping hand to make the world a better place. While not everyone agrees, giving/donating has increased happiness, abundance, and financial success.

When we give anything to the world, we make a connection with it and should believe it to return in double. For example, if you set aside a little portion of your monthly salary to assist someone in need, you can be comfortable knowing that it will be returned to you as a promotion, success, or any other way you wish.

When we give ourselves or our services or skills to those who need it, we develop significant connections based on empathy, trust, and mutual respect. We also discover our life’s purpose when we realize that our acts have a good influence on the world. When we focus on giving to others, we realize how much we have and how much of our lives we ignore.

Most significantly, living generously involves breaking free from the vicious spiral of selfishness and materialism we are frequently bound in. If we continue to live as depicted on the internet, our demands and desires will grow exponentially, making us feel we don’t have enough, even if we live a better life than hundreds of others.

What good is all your money, fortune, and power if you’re going to die with them? Therefore, it’s about time you realize your responsibility to make the planet more livable.

Learn from Brother Mr. Ronnie Makabai

Ronnie Makabai is a humble man spreading generosity to alleviate world hunger. He has spent the last two decades of his life preaching the gospel of salvation, faith, and the kingdom of money. He encourages humans to accept their obligations and rescue humanity.

Moreover, Ronnie Makabai emphasizes that we are surrounded by troubles, depression, worry, and dread because we have strayed from God’s word. One who surrenders everything of their affairs to divine power is set free from these bonds. Believe in God and His purpose for our life.

Brother Ronnie’s salvation teachings highlight the importance of accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. At the same time, Jesus Christ has made us a means of salvation for others, which we may attain by contributing. Accept your responsibilities and assist individuals worldwide in living a prosperous life.

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