At the beginning of every new year, individuals make a commitment with themselves to make the necessary lifestyle changes, which they believe will pave the way for a more happy and satisfied life for them, but despite having a whole industry dedicated to helping these people achieve their goal, majority of people still flounder. Countless times an individual tries to quit smoking, lose weight, cut back unhealthy consumptions or works hard to find a more ideal purpose in his life, but despite all the effort he is unsuccessful in achieving the target. The question arises that how many times should a person try?The answer is very simple, as many times as it takes to get things right.

At the end of the day, everything we do and experience depends on ourselves. Therefore, a person should take a self-help approach to address their issues and problems, rather than giving up.Since ancient times, human beings are on a constant lookout to improve themselves and every aspect of their lives. Through self-help, one can change the entire outlook of their lives by simply identifying their needs. Transforming ourselves or our lifestyle is an uphill task to accomplish as many traits of an individual’s personality are deeply ingrained, but these attributes can be altered to a certain degree with the self-help approach.

Self-help can be an empowering and gratifying experience as it reinforces a sense of maturity and competence when we deal with our issues and troubles on our own. All a person needs to do is devise a self-improvement plan through which they can deal with the different aspects of their lives. By developing a self-help strategy, we get the freedom to alter our efforts according to our limitations and distinctive skills. A self-help approach helps a person identify a problem evenbefore it surfaces and enables them to solve them through their self-awareness capabilities.

Grief, mental health, weight loss, aging, career transition, parenting, caregiving, physical health, and addiction rehabilitation are just some of the problems that one can addressthrough the encouragement, guidance and support of aself-help consultant.In this modern era, the self-help industry has witnessed huge growth and gained a lot of importance. Realizing the need of self-help in an individual’s professional and personal life, many entrepreneurs have entered the industry to guide and motivate individuals and organizations in achieving their goal through different techniques such as seminars and consultation sessions. One such entrepreneur and consultant, who has become a prominent personality in the area of self-help because of herbrands,‘The Best Ever You’ Network and Compliance4 is Elizabeth HamiltonGuarino. Through her self-help consultancy services and brands, she motivates various organizations and people to act with grace and gratefulness to enhance their performance, methods, results and perspectives.

Guarino is an American motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author, who was born on 24th September, 1969, in Bloomington, Minnesota, United States and was raised in Bettendorf, Iowa. After attending the Pleasant Valley High School, Iowa, Guarino enrolled herself in St. Ambrose University, from where she graduated with a degree in Communications and Broadcasting. During her career, she has gained immense experience in the field of finance and marketing through her association with organizations such as American Financial Printing, Merrill Corporation, Dow Investment Group, Best Ever You Network and Integreon. This experience helped her lay down the foundation of Compliance4, through which she has helped organizations in increasing customer engagement and the creation of online presence in accordance with the regulations of FINRA and SEC.

As an accomplished author Guarino has written various books which emphasize on the importance of self-help. Some of her popular books are Percolate – Let Your Best Self Filter (2014), The Change Guidebook (2022), A Lesson for Every Child (2020), Self-Confident Sandy (2020), Best Ever You (2020), Blueberry – A Cat’s Eye View of Maine, Pinky Doodle Bug (2011) and Pinky Doodle Dance (2021).

In her successful and illustrious career, she has received many honors such as Shorty Awardin the #SmallBusiness category nomination and was also named in the top 50 Women CEOs in 2022.She has made numerous contributions in the self-help sector through her efforts and guidelines. She has not only helped businesses and individuals in setting realistic goals, but has also helped them in achieving these goals through various self-help methods and tactics.

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