Writing sentimental music is a struggle for many artists. There’s a certain difficulty in trying to capture complex, dark feelings in the form of music, though many artists still give it their best shot for a good reason. Being able to encapsulate these ideas into music makes for incredibly compelling songwriting, especially when it’s relatable. Pop artist extraordinaire Chronicle is taking a crack at it with his latest single, “Don’t Try.” It’s a fascinating little single, and we’re eager to dig into it in our full review.

Chronicle’s vocals are soft, smooth, and tired, most notably in this song’s case. “Don’t Try” is a song about exhaustion from trying to think about things that could’ve been. Because of this, Chronicle’s delivery here is compelling, echoing sentiments of disappointment and nostalgia. But, despite this, there’s still an underlying sense of hope within his performance, which works well to the song’s effect.

“Don’t Try” doesn’t mince words either, as Chronicle unloads his thoughts and experiences on the listener. Within the context of the single, he’s spilling his heart out about uncertainty in life and the things he’s done. Complex ideas are presented plainly, especially considering how sometimes effort and hard work don’t pan out. Anyone can relate to working hard on something only for it to go nowhere, and it’s never pleasant.

Substance abuse gets mentioned as well, treated as an escape by Chronicle. It’s an almost painful expression as he spills his guts about how he falls to the temptation of drugs and how it slowly hurts him more and more. But, beyond that, the thing that comes to the song’s forefront is the hurt and pain he feels from heartbreak, which forms the emotional backbone of “Don’t Try.”

All of these things contrast perfectly with the song’s instrumentation, which is relaxed and almost hopeful. Peaceful melodies imbue the song with a hopeful twist, elevating its tone into a more positive vibe, almost making the whole song seem nostalgic. This idea, paired with the stellar production, turns this single from a good song into something excellent.

Overall, “Don’t Try” is a phenomenal showing from Chronicle. We love how it blends aspects of hip-hop with pop, with a chilled-out vibe providing great contrast against the timid and downtrodden lyrics. We love when a song plays with emotional beats, and Chronicle does a great job of it here. We’re eager to see more from the artist, especially if he further builds on the ideas he’s established here.

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