Independent artist Markbombs has never been the one to stick to mainstream sounds and norms.

From his hometown of Romeoville, IL, he’s taking his self-described “genre- blending” style of music and blending it with his passion for skateboarding.

Instead of seeing music as a series of static projects, he sees it as an ever-evolving art form and mixes production and cadences on every track.

Making a name for yourself as an independent artist is always a difficult feat, and Markbombs is facing similar struggles.

However, he hasn’t let that stop him from pushing out powerful and inspiring music designed to build a fan base.

Markbombs eventually hopes to expand and take over the music industry with his unique soundscape, and show the world a different type of musicality.

To learn more about Markbombs and follow him on his journey, be sure to check out his social media handles.

Listen to his latest tracks on all major streaming platforms and get ready for what’s to come from this talented trend-pushing artist.

Instagram @markbombs

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