Shelby Lore is a 3-piece band based out of Eastern Kentucky. It has been stealing headlines in the spectrum rock world with its genre-bending music style set upon that jubilant southern rock with a stylistic caliber of roots sound where the country, as much as that grunge aesthetic, exists. A band that has built a reputation around their boundary defiance doesn’t shy away from the more dissonant, ferocious, and jarring organic punk rock that makes you feel your sanity slip away. What you can expect from this energetic group are driving infectious riffs, heavy and pounding drums, colorful percussions and harmony, and some picturesque lyricism to back their performances.

With an inspired blend of explosive rock and blues tones, this band creates a captivating sound that enthralls listeners. Either way, they do not relinquish a socio-political message and touch on mental health, addiction, self-esteem, and equality. Their sound evokes hardcore vitriol, pop-punk and country sensibilities, and the southern blues, all while being led by the absolute force of frontman Shelby Lore. His dynamic presence commands the stage like the floor, unyieldingly working for the crowd with passionate vocals and incessant action!

Having built one of the most impressive discographies in the genre, it is little surprise that their music has been pitched for films and received wide acclaim from an ever-expanding legion of global fans.

Shelby Lore unleashed another masterpiece into the sonic sphere; “Gateway Car” is the tune, accompanied by a visually stunning and eye-catching music video.

An emotion-driven and catchy masterpiece, this is one of those kinds of music you want to experience.

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